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Hyperspectral remote sensing has shown promise for detailed discrimination of coral reef substratum types, but, by necessity, it samples at pixel scales larger than reef substratum patch sizes. Spectral unmixing techniques have been successful in resolving subpixel areal cover in terrestrial environments. However, the application of spectral unmixing on(More)
While the remote-sensing community attempts to find measures of reef ‘‘health’’ able to be detected and mapped using satellite image data, internationally recognized field assessments are already in place to document benthic cover, among other parameters, as an indicator of coral reef status. Reef Check is one such program, designed in 1996 as a globally(More)
In making low-level radioactivity measurements of populations, it is commonly observed that a substantial portion of net results is negative. Furthermore, the observed variance of the measurement results arises from a combination of measurement uncertainty and population variability. This paper presents a method for disaggregating measurement uncertainty(More)
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