Kevin E. Finucane

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Diaphragm activation can be quantified by measuring the root mean square of crural EMG (RMSdi) (Beck J, Sinderby C, Lindstrom L, and Grassino A, J Appl Physiol 85: 1123-1134, 1998). To examine intersubject and day-to-day variation in the RMSdi-Pco(2) relationship, end-tidal Pco(2), minute ventilation (Ve), respiratory frequency (f(B)), and RMSdi were(More)
A semi-automatic method is described for tracking the contour of the diaphragm in lateral X-ray image sequences. It is part of a method being developed to quantify diaphragm function non-invasively. Initialization is achieved by interactive segmentation of the diaphragm contour and identification of landmarks. The method relies on modelling the contour(More)
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