Kevin Doherty

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The measurement of distance is one of the key steps in the unsupervised learning process, as it is through these distance measurements that patterns and correlations are discovered. We examined the characteristics of both non-Euclidean norms and data normalisation within the unsupervised learning environment. We empirically assessed the performance of the(More)
Wind energy offers the potential to reduce carbon emissions while increasing energy independence and bolstering economic development. However, wind energy has a larger land footprint per Gigawatt (GW) than most other forms of energy production, making appropriate siting and mitigation particularly important. Species that require large unfragmented habitats(More)
Quantifying the success of the topographic preservation achieved with a neural map is difficult. In this paper we present Topo-logical Correlation, Tc, a method that assesses the degree of topographic preservation achieved based on the linear correlation between the topo-logical distances in the neural map, and the topological distances in the induced(More)
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