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All rights reserved. Readers may make verbatim copies of this document for non-commercial purposes by any means, provided that this copyright notice appears on all such copies. Abstract: This paper studies variation in risk assessment by pastoralists in the arid and semi-arid lands of southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. Despite superficial homogeneity(More)
PURPOSE To identify clinical and technical factors influencing the outcome of transcatheter embolotherapy for nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal (GI) hemorrhage and to quantify the impact of successful intervention on patient survival. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective review was performed of all patients (n = 163) who underwent arterial embolization(More)
Genome integrity is maintained during DNA replication by coordination of various replisome-regulated processes. Although it is known that Timeless (Tim) is a replisome component that participates in replication checkpoint responses to genotoxic stress, its importance for genome maintenance during normal DNA synthesis has not been reported. Here we(More)
The ATR-CHK1 axis stabilizes stalled replication forks and prevents their collapse into DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs). Here, we show that fork collapse in Atr-deleted cells is mediated through the combined effects the sumo targeted E3-ubiquitin ligase RNF4 and activation of the AURKA-PLK1 pathway. As indicated previously, Atr-deleted cells exhibited a(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare results from testosterone radioimmunoassay kits commonly used by commercial laboratories as well as their reference ranges and to analyze the scientific literature for ranges of serum testosterone levels in normal women and those with hyperandrogenism. METHODS We reviewed quality assurance reports of various testosterone ligand(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the levels of serum testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS) in women with no clinical signs of hyperandrogenism and no history of glucocorticoid or oral contraceptive use and to compare these levels with the reference ranges provided by commercial laboratories. METHODS We undertook a cross-sectional retrospective(More)
The impact of lowering androgen levels with glucocorticoid treatment in a group of consecutive female patients presenting to the Department of Reproductive Medicine and Biology, University of Texas, with a chief complaint of acne has been studied. One hundred fifty-eight patients, ages 16 to 40, who received prednisone at a maximum daily dose ranging from(More)
Hyperandrogenism is a common disorder in the reproductive age female. It is associated with cutaneous manifestations and ovulatory dysfunction. The degree of hyperandrogenaemia is directly related to the severity of ovulatory dysfunction. The ovulatory dysfunction frequently leads to infertility. The most common form of hyperandrogenism is idiopathic(More)
Semen analyses were performed on semen specimens from 2543 men requesting vasectomy at Planned Parenthood of Houston and the results were compared to earlier reports of semen analyses in allegedly fertile men. The comparisons suggest that mean sperm counts and mean total sperm counts are significantly lower than those reported in 1951. Furthermore, a(More)