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Tauopathies are neurodegenerative disorders characterized by abnormal intracellular aggregates of tau protein, and include Alzheimer's disease, corticobasal degeneration, frontotemporal dementia, and traumatic brain injury. Glutamate metabolism is altered in neurodegenerative disorders manifesting in higher or lower concentrations of glutamate, its(More)
Systemic mitochondrial energy deficiency is implicated in the pathophysiology of many age-related human diseases. Currently available tools to estimate mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) capacity in skeletal muscle in vivo lack high anatomic resolution. Muscle groups vary with respect to their contractile and metabolic properties. Therefore,(More)
PURPOSE To collect ultrafast z-spectra in vivo in situations where voxel homogeneity cannot be assured. THEORY Saturating in the presence of a gradient encodes the frequency offset spatially across a voxel. This encoding can be resolved by applying a similar gradient during readout. Acquiring additional scans with the gradient polarity reversed(More)
Here, for the first time, we report an NMR spectroscopy study of l-Glutamine (Gln) conversion by Glutaminase (Glnase), which shows that the reaction involves two distinct steps. In the first step, Glnase rapidly hydrolyzes Gln to Glutamate (Glu) (∼16.87 μmol of Gln/min/mg of Glnase) and in the second step, Glu generated in the first step is decarboxylated(More)
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