Kevin Coleman

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Researchers at The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) developed two new diagnosis-oriented methodologies for setting risk adjusted capitation rates for managed care plans contracting with Medicare. These adjusters predict the future medical expenditures of aged Medicare enrollees based on demographic factors and diagnostic information. The models use the(More)
Annual emissions of carbon dioxide from soil organic carbon are an order of magnitude greater than all anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions taken together 1. Global warming is likely to increase the decomposition of soil organic carbon, and thus the release of carbon dioxide from soils 2–5 , creating a positive feedback 6–9. Current models of global(More)
of Pd nanowires without chemical contaminations and deformations are obtained after removal of the silica matrix using aqueous HF. Our study indicates that mesoporous silicas such as C 16 MCM-41, C 22 MCM-41, and SBA-15 can act as good templates for the synthesis of Pd nanowires. Moreover , a significantly depressed melting point of the Pd nano-wires is(More)
Concerns over food security and global climate change require an improved understanding of how to achieve optimal crop yields whilst minimizing net greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. In the semi-arid Loess Plateau region of China, as elsewhere, fertilizer nitrogen (N) inputs are necessary to increase yields and improve local food security. In a(More)
Given that we must farm land in order to eat, the total environmental burden imposed by farming a crop, such as winter wheat in the UK, appears to be close to the minimum given current production techniques. The value of the services other than food production, such as flood water buffering, pollination, carbon storage and so on, that land can provide is(More)
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