Kevin Cleereman

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Team formation is a challenging problem in many large organizations in which it is entirely possible for two individuals to work on similar projects without realizing it. By applying social network analysis to mappings of co-authors and to mappings of related research paper keywords, we are able to help generate teams of diverse individuals with similar(More)
Covariant types are a powerful language feature for improving type-safety. However, covariant types complicate type-checking when combined with polymorphism. We propose two new language features that can improve type-checking in a language with polymorphism and covariant typing, and also have the potential to improve efficiency as well. Published by(More)
Escape analysis can improve the speed and memory efficiency of garbage collected languages by allocating objects to the call stack, but an offline analysis will potentially interfere with dynamic class loading and an online analysis must sacrifice precision for speed. We describe a technique that permits the safe use of aggressive, speculative offline(More)
Pathological dependency cycles occur in state-space planners when control structures cannot efficiently determine a maximal matching for a bipartite operator/binding graph. Without proper search control, the planner will require many computationally expensive backtracks to arrive at a solution. We present a method for improving planning efficiency in the(More)
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