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Learning a new language is hard, but learning to use it confidently in conversations with native speakers is even harder. From our field research with language learners, with support from Cognitive Psychology and Second Language Acquisition, we argue for the value of <i>contextual microlearning</i> in the many breaks spread across different places and(More)
Embedded memory test and diagnosis is becoming an important issue in system-on-chip (SOC) development. Direct access of the memory cores from the limited number of I/O pins is usually not feasible. Built-in self-diagnosis (BISD), which include built-in self-test (BIST), is rapidly becoming the most acceptable solution. We propose a BISD design and a fault(More)
Built-in self-repair (BISR) techniques have been widely used for enhancing the yield of embedded memories. This paper presents an efficient BISR scheme for multiport RAMs (MPRAMs). The BISR scheme has a defect-location module (DLM) executing a defect-location algorithm to locate inter-port defects. This enhances the fault-location capability of the applied(More)
Vision Blocks (http://visionblocks.org) is an on demand, in-browser, customizable computer vision application publishing platform for masses. It empowers end-users (consumers)to create novel solutions for themselves that they would not easily obtain off-the-shelf. By transferring design capability to the consumers, we enable creation and dissemination of(More)
We demonstrate a concept of computer vision as a secure, live service on the Internet. We show a platform to distribute a real time vision algorithm using simple widely available Web technologies, such as Adobe Flash. We allow a user to access this service without downloading an executable or sharing the image stream with anyone. We support developers to(More)
How can we show our 16 megapixel photos from our latest trip on a digital display? How can we create screens that are visible in direct sunlight as well as complete darkness? How can we create large displays that consume less than 2W of power? How can we create design tools for digital decal application and intuitive-computer aided modeling?
Fill-front and cure progress monitoring is critical for vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) manufacturing processes. The experimental multi-channel system presented in this paper includes sensors, signal conditioning, data acquisition software, and signal post-processing components. The sensors are mechanically flexible and optically transparent(More)
In this day and age, digital images play a significant role in our day-to-day life. Digital images are utilized in a wide range of fields like medical, business and more. Besides, the digital images play a vital part in the medical field in which it has been utilized to analyze the anatomy. These medical images are used in the identification of different(More)
In this paper we propose a novel built-in self-test (BIST) design for embedded SRAM cores. Our contribution includes a compact and efficient BIST circuit with diagnosis support and an automatic diagnostic system. The diagnosis module of our BIST circuit can capture the error syndromes as well as fault locations for the purposes of repair and fault/failure(More)