Kevin Chalmers

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This paper presents the extended and re-integrated JCSP library of CSP packages for Java. It integrates the differing advances made by Quickstone’s JCSP Network Edition and the “core” library maintained at Kent. A more secure API for connecting networks and manipulating channels is provided, requiring significant internal re-structuring. This mirrors(More)
Communicating Sequential Processes for Java (JCSP) is a mature library that implements CSP-derived concurrency primitives in Java. A JCSP system is a hierarchical network of autonomous processes communicating over synchronous (optionally buffered) channels, and multiway synchronising through barriers. This paper presents a significant extension to the(More)
The original package developed for network mobility in JCSP, although useful, revealed some limitations in the underlying models permitting code mobility and channel migration. In this paper, we discuss these limitations, as well as describe the new models developed to overcome them. The models are based on two different approaches to mobility in other(More)
The Drosophila protein Sex-lethal (SXL) promotes skipping of exon 3 from its own pre-mRNA. An unusual sequence arrangement of two AG dinucleotides and an intervening polypyrimidine (Py)-tract at the 3' end of intron 2 is important for Sxl autoregulation. Here we show that U2AF interacts with the Py-tract and downstream AG, whereas the spliceosomal protein(More)
PURPOSE To examine the role of complement factor D (CFD) in age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by analysis of genetic association, copy number variation, and plasma CFD concentrations. METHODS Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the CFD gene were genotyped and the results analyzed by binary logistic regression. CFD gene copy number was analyzed(More)
Burkholderia pseudomallei is an intracellular pathogen and the causative agent of melioidosis, a severe disease of humans and animals. One of the virulence factors critical for early stages of infection is the Burkholderia secretion apparatus (Bsa) Type 3 Secretion System (T3SS), a molecular syringe that injects bacterial proteins, called effectors, into(More)
By extending and instantiating an existing formal task framework, we define a task taxonomy and task design space for temporal graph visualisation. We discuss the process involved in their generation, and describe how the design space can be `sliced and diced' into multiple overlapping task categories, requiring distinct visual techniques for their support.(More)