Kevin C. Zatloukal

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We consider the problem of storing an ordered dictionary data structure over a distributed set of nodes. In contrast to traditional sequential data structures, distributed data structures should ideally have low congestion. We present a novel randomized data structure, called a <i>family tree</i>, to solve this problem. A family tree has optimal expected(More)
We propose the post-order heap, a new data structure for implementing priority queues. Our structure is a simple variant of the binary heap that requires only Θ(1) amortized time for Insert operations and O(log n) time in the worst case for Delete-Min operations. Like the binary heap, the post-order heap is an implicit data structure, meaning that a(More)
This paper describes an interactive data exploration system for molecular and clinical data in the field of personalized medicine. It addresses the essential but to date unsolved problem of how to identify connections between genetic variants and their corresponding diseases or the response to certain drugs and treatments, respectively. It is therefore(More)
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