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Emission of 50 kHz ultrasonic calls in rats is known to be associated with appetitive behavioural situations and positive social interactions. The purpose of the study was to pharmacologically characterize amphetamine-induced 50 kHz calls and to perform quantitative mapping of this response in the nucleus accumbens. Injections of amphetamine into the(More)
BACKGROUND Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a blinding genetic disorder that is caused by the death of photoreceptors in the outer nuclear layer of the retina. To date, 39 different genetic loci have been associated with the disease, and 28 mutated genes have been identified. Despite the complexity of the underlying genetic basis for RP, the final common(More)
We report a new method of scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) that can be used to separate multireactional electrochemical interfaces, i.e., electrodes at which two or more reactions occur (and hence two partial currents flow) at the same time. This was done with a modified tip generation/substrate collection mode where the two reactions occur on the(More)
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