Kevin Bryan

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This paper describes the design of the OpenSTARS real-time analysis tool. The paper focuses on criteria for a good analysis tool including correctness, performance/scalability, flexibility, and extensibility. Several leading real-time analysis tools are surveyed and several problems with the tools under these criteria are identified. The paper then presents(More)
While language facility was once considered to be the sole province of the "dominant" left hemisphere, clinical and experimental findings suggest the right hemisphere plays an equally important role in many language tasks. To elucidate differential hemispheric language processes, Right Hemisphere Language Battery and Western Aphasia Battery data from left(More)
Integration of middleware scheduling and resource management services enables open distributed real-time embedded (DRE) applications to meet end-to-end quality of service (QoS) requirements in highly variable operating environments. This paper describes our research 1 on integrating CORBA scheduling and resource management services, and presents experiments(More)
While dysphasia is rare after right cerebral hemisphere damage (RHD), there is now a body of evidence to suggest that language and communication problems can occur. This paper reports the findings of a pilot study that estimated the incidence of non-dysphasic language and communication problems following RHD. Eleven subjects completed language assessments(More)
The Twitter social network provides a constant stream of concise data, useful within both geospatial and temporal domains. Previous studies have attempted to mine and find recent news topics within the data set. Although the efforts were a step in the right direction, we believe more is needed to accomplish a useful and interesting task: using live Twitter(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a static real-time data distribution mechanism that uses a real-time event service and a real-time scheduling service to ensure the on-time, and temporally valid delivery of data. The mechanism implements an algorithm, called the Just-In-Time Data Distribution algorithm to determine scheduling parameters(More)
A set of five experimental tests was prepared for the assessment of language disturbances in right hemisphere-damaged (RHD) patients. The Right Hemisphere Language Battery by Bryan (1995) was a basis for these tests. The set comprises the Metaphor Picture Test, the Written Metaphor Test, the Inferential Meaning Test, the Humour Test and the Lexical Semantic(More)