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Recent progress in elucidation of 5' stimulatory elements for translational recoding is reviewed. A 5' Shine-Dalgarno sequence increases both +1 and -1 frameshift efficiency in several genes; examples cited include the E. coli prfB gene encoding release factor 2 and the dnaX gene encoding the gamma and tau subunits of DNA polymerase III holoenzyme. The(More)
Site directed mutagenesis was used to construct a t-PA variant that contains an additional glycosylation site in the first kringle domain (T103N) combined with a tetra-alanine substitution in the protease domain (KHRR 296-299 AAAA). This combination variant has a plasma clearance rate that is 4.5-fold slower in rats and 5.4-fold slower in rabbits than t-PA.(More)
Recent interest in capillary gel electrophoresis has been fueled by the Human Genome Project and other large-scale sequencing projects. Advances in gel polymerization techniques and detector design have enabled sequencing of DNA directly in capillaries. Efforts to exploit this technology have been hampered by problems with the reproducibility and stability(More)
A recombinant diabody fragment based on the anti-MUC1 monoclonal antibody, C595 has been produced in a bacterial expression system. Substitution of a 7-amino-acid linker sequence (Gly6Ser) for the original single-chain (sc)Fv 15-amino-acid linker (Gly4Ser)3, using polymerase-chain-reaction-based strategies, forces variable heavy (VH) and light (VL) domains(More)
The tetra-alanine substitution variant KHRR 296-299 AAAA of tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA) was previously shown to have enhanced fibrin specificity and enhanced activity in the presence of fibrin compared with the wild-type form of the molecule. The structural requirements for these alterations in enzymatic activity were investigated by(More)
Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) is a major process in the fabrication of semiconductor devices for transferring patterns from masks to semiconductor substrates. From neutral gases and glow discharge utilization, chemically reactive species are generated to react with materials being etched to form volatile by-products. This research focuses on etching process(More)
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