Kevin Bradley

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Individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) have significantly greater risk of comorbid health problems and premature death, and there is need for interventions that can improve physical fitness and overall health. Accordingly, a study was conducted which evaluated the effectiveness of a structured physical exercise program that was developed as part of a(More)
In this paper, we describe a toolset for performance-based design and analysis of distributed realtime systems. The toolset is based on our design methodology, denoted Distributed Pipeline Scheduling [6, 7], that provides a set of rules that an engineer can follow to design near-optimal, distributed real-time systems with fully predictable, end-to-end(More)
INTRODUCTION We investigated the mechanism by which the MERG1a K+ channel increases ubiquitin proteasome proteolysis (UPP). METHODS Hindlimb suspension and electro-transfer of Merg1a cDNA into mouse gastrocnemius muscles induced atrophy. RESULTS Atrophic gastrocnemius muscles of hindlimb-suspended mice express Merg1a, Murf1, and Mafbx genes.(More)
The tasks associated with managing and backing up digital data are well known to IT managers, but the mere presence of the data stream is not the only criterion for preserving and maintaining digital content. Digital sustainability recognises that the continuity of digital information goes well beyond basic storing and managing of data and is integrated(More)
2013 Abstracts "Engaging in research creates new and exciting learning opportunities beyond the classroom for our undergraduate students. Research is about finding answers, and as students are learning, they also are creating new knowledge. These enriched problem-solving experiences will better prepare them to compete in the global society. The enthusiasm(More)
Published online: 20 July 2005 Springer-Verlag 2005 This is an up to the minute text demonstrating state of the art dedicated PET-CT studies. It is aimed primarily at Nuclear Medicine Practitioners and Radiologists who are involved in reporting or interfacing with PET-CT studies. The cases are from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.(More)