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To determine the effect of shade on morphology, growth and biomass allocation in Picea sitchensis, Larix × eurolepis and Thuja plicata, seedlings were grown in the open or under shadehouses providing 25%, 50% and 75% reductions of full-light for two growing seasons. For most of the characteristics assessed there was no significant interaction between(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is a significant difference in the co-efficient of friction (Fc) between old versus new wrestling shoes and mats and to investigate the effect of perspiration. Fc was measured by dragging a weighted shoe over a wrestling mat surface and measuring the vertical and horizontal forces produced. Three(More)
Introduction. Here we derive mean field variational updates for MOMRESP. Although this derivation is largely a mechanical exercise, it is our belief that there is a contingent of crowdsourcing practitioners whose background is more practical than theoretical and who may appreciate seeing the mechanics of mean-field variational inference presented in a high(More)
The Nemo turbulence measurement system is an anchored, buoyant float designed to measure time-series of current velocity, velocity shear, and turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) dissipation rates in swift tidal channels. The system consists of a 4.5 m long streamlined float made from syntactic foam, with cutouts to house various instrument components: a 600 kHz(More)
Long-term trends in total solar irradiance (Rs), diffuse irradiance (Rd) and pan evaporation (Epan), from various sites in Ireland, were examined over the last 20–50 years. This information was used to estimate the impact of changes in Rs and Rd on gross primary productivity (GPP) of forest, arable and grassland ecosystems. Analysis of the data indicated a(More)
The task of corpus-dictionary linkage (CDL) is to annotate each word in a corpus with a link to an appropriate dictionary entry that documents the sense and usage of the word. Corpus-dictionary linked resources include concordances, dictionaries with word usage examples, and corpora annotated with lemmas or word senses. Such CDL resources are essential for(More)
Two models, Carbware (CW) and Growfor (GF), of different resolution and based on different frameworks were evaluated in relation to stand-level forecasts of volume and basal area using Ireland’s National Forest Inventory (NFI) data. CW is a distance-independent single-tree model that is based on diameter increment. GF is a stand-level dynamic empirical(More)