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Eight patients with a traumatic unilateral upper limb amputation, who used conventional myoelectric prostheses, were also fitted with a commercially available myoelectric prosthetic hand with an adaptive grip, in order to compare the functional benefit of the two types of prostheses. Comparisons were made regarding width of grip, force of grip, scores in a(More)
A disadvantage with battery powered circuits is the fact that the battery sometimes can run out of power. If a button that can generate energy by applying mechanical work to it was applied instead of batteries, is it possible to enable a transmitter to stay active long enough to transmit data which can later by received and decoded? This thesis contains a(More)
Dopamine receptors are present in the medullary thick ascending limb (mTAL) of Henle, but their effect on ion transport in this nephron segment has not been tested. Therefore, we studied the short-term effects of dopamine on Na(+)-K(+)-2Cl- cotransport (assessed by 100 microM bumetanide-sensitive 86Rb uptake) in rat mTAL tubular suspensions. Dopamine (1(More)
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