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The development of novel chemotherapeutic agents in colorectal cancer has improved survival. Following initial response to chemotherapeutic strategies many patients develop refractory disease. This poses a significant challenge common to many cancer subtypes. Newer agents such as Bevacizumab have successfully targeted the tyrosine kinase receptor epidermal(More)
The rising success of cancer immunotherapy has produced immense interest in defining the clinical contexts that may benefit from this therapeutic approach. To this end, there is a need to ascertain how the therapeutic modulation of intrinsic cancer cell programs influences the anticancer immune response. For example, the role of autophagy as a tumor cell(More)
BACKGROUND Adult intussusception is a rare but challenging condition. Preoperative diagnosis is frequently missed or delayed because of nonspecific or sub-acute symptoms. CASE PRESENTATION We present the case of a sixty-two year old gentleman who initially presented with pseudo-obstruction. Computerised tomography displayed a jejuno-jejunal(More)
Motor fluctuations and non-response to carbidopa-levodopa (Sinemet) therapy are major problems in the long-term management of Parkinson's disease. Levodopa manipulation, addition of adjuvants, and drug holidays are often unsuccessful. Others have shown that the clinical state of stabilized Parkinsonians can be reversed with intravenous administration of(More)
BACKGROUND Patients who are undergoing laparoscopic procedures can present with a number of ventilatory and circulatory problems. The use of a gasless technique for performing a laparoscopy by using a mechanical lifting device may potentially avoid such problems. OBJECTIVE To compare the cardiorespiratory effects of laparoscopy with and without gas(More)
On a nearly zero protein diet, 11 patients with Parkinson's disease with the "on-off" effect demonstrated great sensitivity to levodopa (L-dopa)-carbidopa and reduced fluctuations. Eight patients required a 41% reduction in total L-dopa dosage and discontinuation of all adjuvant therapy to reduce the preponderance of chorea. On a high-protein diet, all(More)
The use of seatbelts has increased significantly in the last twenty years, leading to a decrease in mortality from road traffic accidents (RTA). However, this increase in seatbelt use has also led to a change in the spectrum of injuries from RTA; abdominal injuries, particularly intestinal injuries have dramatically increased with the routine use of(More)
The acutely painful scrotum is a common urologic emergency. The primary objective of management is to avoid testicular loss. This requires a high index of clinical suspicion and prompt surgical intervention. In our series conducted between January 1996 and December 2005, 119 patients (age range: 4-62 years) underwent emergency operative exploration for(More)
A 72-year-old man presented with a two month history of rectal bleeding. Colonoscopy demonstrated synchronous lesions at 3 cm and 40 cm with histological analysis confirming synchronous adenocarcinomata. He developed bilobar hepatic metastases while undergoing neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy. Treatment was complicated by Fournier's gangrene of the right(More)
Seven patients with Parkinson's disease who experienced severe motor fluctuations in response to levodopa were studied in detail with relation to the effect of dietary protein on their motor function. The levodopa dose for each patient was not changed during the period of study, and no other antiparkinsonian drugs were used. Regular and high-protein diets(More)