Kevin Barker

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This paper presents a parallel programming environment for mesh generation. Our approach is based on overdecomposition. The programming environment supports: low-latency one-sided communication, global address space in the context of data/object mobility, automatic message forwarding and dynamic load balancing. These are the minimum requirements for(More)
As the march to the exascale computing gains momentum, energy consumption of supercomputers has emerged to be the critical roadblock. While architectural innovations are imperative in achieving computing of this scale, it is largely dependent on the systems software to leverage the architectural innovations. Parallel applications in many computationally(More)
Monkeys are a valuable model for investigating the structure and function of the brain. To attain the requisite resolution to resolve fine anatomical detail and map localized brain activation requires radiofrequency (RF) coils that produce high signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) both spatially (image SNR) and temporally. Increasing the strength of the static(More)
  • Michael Picker, Wade Crowfoot, Manal Yamout, Jr De, La Rosa, Lillian Mirviss +41 others
  • 2012
Acknowledgements The authors want to shine a bright light on the tireless and unflaggingly creative members of the Governor's team that brought 270 people together in Los Angeles so seamlessly: assistance, and Alison Koppe and Meredith Pressfield for their substantive research and contributions to this report. They are grateful to Claire Van Camp for her(More)
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