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here in the box at the top right-hand corner of the article or click Receive free email alerts when new articles cite this article-sign up The 2007 Bali conference heard repeated calls for reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions of 50 per cent by 2050 to avoid exceeding the 28C threshold. While such endpoint targets dominate the policy agenda, they do(More)
The cost of building high data rate (≈100 Mb/s per user) wireless internet access networks in rural areas can be significantly reduced by minimizing the number of access points to be deployed, each covering a larger area with a larger user capacity. Given that the available spectrum is limited even in rural areas especially at a lower frequency (VHF(More)
BACKGROUND The h-index is a commonly used metric for evaluating the publication performance of researchers. However, in a multidisciplinary field such as medical informatics, interpreting the h-index is a challenge because researchers tend to have diverse home disciplines, ranging from clinical areas to computer science, basic science, and the social(More)
Figure 2.4: Horizontal well casings and tubing – note that the diagram depicts a well with all possible casings. Not all of the casings or tubing are present in most cases .. Executive Summary This report, commissioned by The Cooperative , provides a provisional review and assessment of the risks and benefits of shale gas development, with the aim of(More)
OBJECTIVE Consumers are living longer, creating more pressure on the health system and increasing their requirement for self-care of chronic conditions. Despite rapidly-increasing numbers of mobile health applications ('apps') for consumers' self-care, there is a paucity of research into consumer engagement with electronic self-monitoring. This paper(More)
To identify the efficacy of short message service (SMS) reminders in health care appointment attendance. A systematic review was undertaken to identify studies published between 2005 and 2015 that compared the attendance rates of patients receiving SMS reminders compared to patients not receiving a reminder. Each article was examined for information(More)