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The 2007 Bali conference heard repeated calls for reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions of 50 per cent by 2050 to avoid exceeding the 2 degrees C threshold. While such endpoint targets dominate the policy agenda, they do not, in isolation, have a scientific basis and are likely to lead to dangerously misguided policies. To be scientifically(More)
The cost of building high data rate (≈100 Mb/s per user) wireless internet access networks in rural areas can be significantly reduced by minimizing the number of access points to be deployed, each covering a larger area with a larger user capacity. Given that the available spectrum is limited even in rural areas especially at a lower frequency (VHF(More)
A series of pressurization and tensile loading experiments on mouse carotid arteries is performed with deformation measurements acquired during each experiment using three-dimensional digital image correlation. Using a combination of finite element analysis and a microstructure-based constitutive model to describe the response of biological tissue, the(More)
Thermochemical data calculated using ab initio molecular orbital theory are reported for 16 BxNxHy compounds with x = 2, 3 and y > or = 2x. Accurate gas-phase heats of formation were obtained using coupled cluster with single and double excitations and perturbative triples (CCSD(T)) valence electron calculations extrapolated to the complete basis set (CBS)(More)
The 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change commits signatories to preventing 'dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system', leaving unspecified the level of global warming that is dangerous. In the late 1990s, a limit of 2°C global warming above preindustrial temperature was proposed as a 'guard rail' below which most of the(More)
Strip extensometry tests are usually considered less reliable than trephinate inflation tests in studying corneal biomechanics. In spite of the evident simplicity of strip extensometry tests, several earlier studies preferred inflation tests in determining the constitutive relationship of the cornea and its other material properties, such as Young's modulus(More)
As software is used increasingly to control critical systems, program correctness becomes paramount. Correctness is particularly important for parallel and distributed programs since the eeects of a single programming error may be magniied greatly due to the parallelism. Using formal speciication languages to describe programs minimizes the number of errors(More)
Figure 2.4: Horizontal well casings and tubing – note that the diagram depicts a well with all possible casings. Not all of the casings or tubing are present in most cases .. Executive Summary This report, commissioned by The Cooperative , provides a provisional review and assessment of the risks and benefits of shale gas development, with the aim of(More)