Kevin Amaratunga

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GIS applications have recently begun to emerge on the Internet. The management of three-dimensional geographic datasets in this distributed environment poses a particularly challenging problem, which highlights the need for a good data representation. This paper presents a new multiresolution data representation: the Wavelet Triangulated Irregular Network(More)
This paper presents a lifting-domain design of filter banks with a given McMillan degree. It is based on the M-channel lifting fac-torizations of the degree-0 and 1 building blocks I − 2uv † and I − uv † + z −1 uv † , with v † u = 1. Paraunitariness further requires u = v. The proposed lifting factorization has a unity diagonal scaling throughout, and(More)
— Regularity is a fundamental and desirable property of wavelets and perfect reconstruction filter banks. Among others, it dictates the smoothness of the wavelet basis and the rate of decay of the wavelet coefficients. In this paper, we consider how regularity of a desired degree can be structurally imposed onto biorthogonal filter banks (BOFBs), so that(More)
The purpose of this paper is twofold: one is to establish a framework for general biorthogonal filter banks (BOFBs) with structural regularity; the other is to identify the connection between the general structure used here and the one commonly used for linear-phase biorthogonal filter banks (a.k.a. generalized lapped biortho-gonal transform or GLBT). The(More)