Kevin Alonso

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This paper presents a multi-stage ontology-based touristic recommender system which offers: personalized suggestions to citizens and tourists, including those with special needs; and information concerning the suggested locations. The system's suggestions are based on user profiles which are continuously updated via feedback obtained from past interactions.(More)
In this paper, we present an accelerated knowledge-driven content-based information mining system for Big Earth Observation data fusion. The tool combines, at pixel level, the unsupervised clustering results of different number of features. The features, extracted from different EO raster image types and from existing GIS vector maps, are combined, in form(More)
This paper presents the semantic indexing of TerraSAR-X images and in situ data. Image processing together with machine learning methods, relevance feedback techniques, and human expertise are used to annotate the image content into a land use land cover catalogue. All the generated information is stored into a geo-database supporting the link between(More)
In this paper we present the LUCAS Visual Browser system, a tool for land cover visual analytics. The system implements different web technologies in a multilayer server-client architecture in order to allow the user to visually analyse land cover heterogeneous information. The information manage is composed of EO multispectral and SAR products along with(More)
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