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Spectroscopy, crystal structure, valance molecular orbital energy level diagram and DFT study of cis-[Cr(2,2'-bipy)2Cl2](Cl)0.38(PF6)0.62.
A new octahedral chromium(III) complex having 2,2'-bipyridine as ligand system was synthesized in methanol. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis shows that it possesses non-stoichiometry in itsExpand
The shortest metal-metal bond yet: molecular and electronic structure of a dinuclear chromium diazadiene complex.
Reduction of a diazadiene chromium halide complex, [(HLiPr)Cr(μ-Cl)]2 (1, HLiPr = bis(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)diazadiene), with KC8 gave a diamagnetic, bimetallic complex, (HLiPr)2Cr2 (2). Complex 2Expand
Synthesis, characterization, and electronic structure of diimine complexes of chromium.
We have prepared and structurally characterized several complexes of chromium coordinated by diimine (or 1,4-diazadiene) ligands, that is, Ar-N=C(R)-(R)C=N-Ar (RL(Ar)) (where Ar =Expand
Thallophilic interactions in aryloxide compounds: the [Tl2(mu2-OAr)4] structural motif in (TlOAr)4 and Tl2Cu(OAr)4 compounds.
Two thallium aryloxide compounds TlOC6F5 (TlOAr(F)) and bis-3,5-TlOC6H3(CF3)2 (TlOAr') have been recrystallized from THF and crystallographically characterized in different isomeric forms. The latterExpand
Synthesis of arene ruthenium triazolato complexes by cycloaddition of the corresponding arene ruthenium azido complexes with activated alkynes or with fumaronitrile
Abstract The neutral arene ruthenium azido complexes [(η6-p-cymene)Ru(LL)(N3)], [LL = acetylacetonato (acac) (4), benzoylacetonato (bzac) (5) diphenylbenzoyl methane (dbzm) (6)] undergo [3+2]Expand
Tris(mercaptoimidazolyl)borate complexes of the coinage metals: syntheses and molecular structures of the first gold compounds and related copper and silver derivatives.
The first tris(mercaptoimidazolyl)borate complexes of gold, Au(Tm(tBu)) and (Tm(tBu))Au(PPh3), have been prepared and structurally characterized. Together with their copper and silver analoguesExpand
Nickel nitrosyl complexes in a sulfur-rich environment : The first poly(mercaptoimidazolyl)borate derivatives
Abstract The diamagnetic nickel mononitrosyl complexes (TmR)Ni(NO) (R = But, p-Tol) and (BmR)Ni(PPh3)(NO) (R = Me, But) have been readily prepared from Ni(PPh3)2(NO)Br and the appropriate Na(TmR) orExpand
A Chelating N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligand in Organochromium Chemistry
Several chromium complexes supported by a chelating N-heterocyclic carbene ligand have been prepared in an attempt to study their ability to catalyze the polymerization of ethylene. LCrCl3(THF) (3)Expand
A bimetallic N-heterocyclic carbene complex featuring a short Cr-Cr distance.
The alkylation of a chelating bis(carbene) complex of CrCl(2) yields an unusual bimetallic complex featuring a short Cr-Cr distance, novel ligand coordination, and CH(3) ligand exchange.
Organochromium Complexes Bearing Noninnocent Diimine Ligands
We have prepared several anionic and neutral organochromium complexes featuring noninnocent α-diimine ligands. All neutral and anionic complexes refrain from insertion of the C=N bonds of the diimineExpand