Kevin A. Naudé

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The oxygen consumption rate (VO(2)) of Biomphalaria glabrata populations, using polarometric and manometric methods, when plotted against dried body mass as logarithmic co-ordinates, respectively, fell on a regression line with a slope between 0.933 and 1.02. The slope of the regression line for non-infected Schistosoma mansoni populations was found to be(More)
The immune system is implicated in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia, with elevated proinflammatory cytokine mRNAs found in the brains of ~40% of individuals with the disorder. However, it is not clear if antibodies (specifically immunoglobulin-γ (IgG)) can be found in the brain of people with schizophrenia and if their abundance relates to brain(More)
Do similarity or distance measures ever go wrong? The inherent subjectivity in similarity discernment has long supported the view that all judgements of similarity are equally valid, and that any selected similarity measure may only be considered more effective in some chosen domain. This article presents evidence that such a view is incorrect for the(More)
A novel computer architecture called Green16 is presented. Green16 is designed with frugal innovation principles, and offers a small but comprehensive instruction set. The design is pedagogically motivated and its instructions can be directly read by students, even if encoded in its hexadecimal form. The orthogonal instruction set is an ideal target for(More)
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