Kevin A. Barton

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This paper presents three studies on Larson's 1996 Driver's Stress Profile, a measure of aggressive driving tendencies. In Study 1, utilizing 33 individuals (15 men, 18 women) who took the test twice with one week between tests, we found the test to have good test-retest reliability (r = .93). In Study 2, utilizing 176 individuals (77 men, 99 women), we(More)
Sixteen patients with chronic daily headache (HA) of moderate to severe intensity received 20 sessions of self-regulatory treatment including progressive muscle relaxation, thermal biofeedback, and cognitive stress coping therapy. Four stopped treatment after 12 visits (but had received all 3 treatment components). Only 2 of 12 completers (17%) showed more(More)
In order to test for the specific therapeutic effects of thermal biofeedback (TBF) for hand warming on vascular headache (HA), 70 patients with chronic vascular HA were randomly assigned to TBF for hand warming, TBF for hand cooling, TBF for stabilization of hand temperature, or biofeedback to suppress alpha in the EEG. Patients in each condition initially(More)
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