Keven A Prusak

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BACKGROUND Researchers have noted both the utility and limitations of using pedometers to measure physical activity (PA). While these unobtrusive devices are widely accepted for their ability to measure accumulated PA, they have been criticized for their inability to measure exercise intensity. However, recent steps-per-minute (SPM) research provides(More)
BACKGROUND The purposes of this study were to determine the accuracy and reliability of step counts and energy expenditure as estimated by a pedometer during treadmill walking and to clarify the relationship between step counts and current physical activity recommendations. METHODS One hundred males (n = 50) and females (n = 50) walked at stride(More)
Arthritis affects both the physical and psychological abilities of people in all walks of life. There are currently no recommended effective 'disease-modifying' remedies. Therapists and physicians are therefore exploring possible benefits from non-conventional therapeutic approaches. The purpose is to assess the changes in fitness and psychosocial outcomes(More)
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