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We answer Bryant's combinatorial challenge on minimal walks of phylogenetic treespace under the nearest-neighbor interchange (NNI) metric. We show that the shortest path through the NNI-treespace of $(n)$-leaf trees is Hamiltonian for all $(n)$. That is, there is a minimal path that visits all binary trees exactly once, under NNI moves.
The authors report the results of the study on the hormonal and psychovegetative status, functional activity of the vegetative nervous system, the level of activity of the protective and adaptive hemostatic mechanisms, and the clinical features of concomitant extragenital pathology in 90 adolescent girls suffering uterine bleeding. All the patients had gone(More)
This paper reports the results of analysis of the psycho-emotional status and pain syndrome in the women presenting with endometriosis of external genitalia treated with a combination of hormonal preparations and balneotherapy. A total of 216 infertile patients were involved in the study. The duration of the infertility period varied from 1.5 to 19 years.(More)
A review of literature presents up-to-date information on the prevalence, incidence, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and classification of malignant primary skull base tumors (MPSBTs). In the structure of total cancer incidence, malignant head and neck tumors account for 5% of all annual cancer deaths in the USA and are among the 5 most common groups of(More)
Chronic recurrent inflammatory diseases of the small pelvis are known to be responsible for the development of the adhesive process and infertility. Therefore, they require surgical treatment and increase the risk of obstetric and perinatal pathology. The present study was focused on the assessment of therapeutic and prophylactic effectiveness of the(More)
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