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This study was undertaken to investigate the types and concentrations of microbial agents in various medical wastes as well as to characterize their survivals in these wastes at different temperatures for microbial risk assessment. Medical wastes collected from 5 major hospitals in South Korea were classified and stored at three different temperatures (-20,(More)
A closed-form solution for the effective wavenumber in a water-saturated medium as a function of the Rayleigh parameter is derived up to the second leading terms in the real part and first leading term in the imaginary part. This is based on the Waterman multiple scattering formulation with the quasicrystalline approximation (QCA) and the Percus-Yevick(More)
Acoustic measurements of p-wave speed and attenuation were made for water-saturated granular medium, consisting of six kinds of glass-beads with mean grain size ranging from 90 to 875 microm, at frequency range between 400 kHz and 1.1 MHz. Sound speed and attenuation were obtained using the inter-receiver broadband estimation technique. The measured data(More)
Model tests are performed in order to predict the noise level of a full ship and to control its noise signature. Localizing noise sources in the model test is therefore an important research subject along with measuring noise levels. In this paper, a noise localization method using a hydrophone array in a large cavitation tunnel is presented. The 45-channel(More)
Kirchhoff formula for an impedance polygon facet is given in the time domain. The derived formula is expressed as a summation of the transient analytic functions and generalized functions and represents an impulse response of the impedance polygon facet. Current formula can be applied to transient scattering analysis of underwater objects such as fish and(More)
This paper describes the results of range-dependent geoacoustic inversion using vertical line array data obtained from the 4th Matched Acoustic Properties and Localization Experiment conducted in the East Sea of Korea. The narrowband multitone continuous-wave signal from the towed source was analyzed to estimate the range-dependent geoacoustic properties(More)
Range-dependence of time-varying acoustic channels caused by a traveling surface wave is investigated through water tank experiments and acoustic propagation analysis schemes. As the surface wave travels, surface reflected signals fluctuate and the fluctuation varies with source-receiver horizontal range. Amplitude fluctuations of surface reflected signals(More)
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