Keung-Chi Ng

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This article lays the groundwork for theprobabilistic multi-knowledge-base system (PMKBS), a new decision aid specifically tailored to the needs of a decision-maker faced with the derivation of a consensus diagnosis. In this article, we develop the PMKBS architecture in several ways. First, we define the basic problem that it addresses, and review the(More)
While the performance characteristics of access networks and end-user-to-server paths are well-studied, measuring the performance of the Internet's <i>core</i> remains, largely, an uncharted territory. With more content being moved closer to the end-user, server-to-server paths have increased in length and have a significant role in dictating the quality of(More)
Most existing expert systems contain a single rule base. Any extension of this model to group decision-making must account for the possibility of conflicting rules encoded by different group members. The inability to reconcile conflicts, however, is one of the most clearly established shortcomings of rule-based knowledge representations [4] [11]. Thus,(More)
A criticism of diagnostic systems, which are based on the formal foundations of probability and utility, is that their reasoning strategies and recommendations are inflexible and unnatural. We have developed a facility that increases the flexibility of normative reasoning systems by providing multiple human-oriented perspectives on diagnostic problem(More)
Although traffic between Web servers and Web browsers is readily apparent to many knowledgeable end users, fewer are aware of the extent of server-to-server Web traffic carried over the public Internet. We refer to the former class of traffic as front-office Internet Web traffic and the latter as back-office Internet Web traffic (or just front-office and(More)
Geolocation systems generally fall into two categories. Commercial systems provide precomputed address-to-locationmappings for all IP addresses. We refer to such systems as geolocation databases. Upon presenting a geolocation database with a target IP address, a location estimate is provided immediately. Almost all systems reported in the academic(More)