Keun-Sung Bae

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Scalar quantization-based watermarking schemes are very vulnerable to amplitude modification attack. To overcome this problem, we propose a novel and robust algorithm that estimates the modified quantization step size by searching QE (quantization error) function. For efficient searching of QE curve, we analyze the peak curve of QE analytically and derive(More)
This paper presents a new method for classification of underwater transient signals, which employs frame-based decision with mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC). The MFCC feature vector is extracted frame-by-frame basis for an input signal that is detected as a transient signal, and Euclidean distances are calculated between this and all MFCC feature(More)
Quantization-based watermarking schemes such as SCS and QIM are known to be very vulnerable to the amplitude modification attack. Thus accurate estimation of the amplitude modification, i.e., estimation of a modified quantization step size is required before watermark detection. In this paper, we propose a robust algorithm to estimate the modified(More)
Double-talk detection errors can result in either large residual echo or distorting the near-end talkerpsilas input speech. Thus accurate double-talk detection is an important problem in the echo canceller to improve the speech quality. In the double-talk detection algorithm with the cross-correlation coefficient, detection errors can occur in the initial(More)