Keun-Ho Ryu

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SKI306X was previously found to have cartilage protective effects in the experimental osteoarthritis (OA) model. To investigate the chondro-protective benefits of SKI306X for its capacity in altering changes in cartilage metabolism and molecular mechanisms of cartilage protective action, SKI306X is studied in rabbit cartilage explants culture. To(More)
This study was undertaken to elucidate the mechanism of anti-inflammatory action of gentianine, a constituent of Gentiana Macrophylla. The effects of gentianine on lipopolysacharide (LPS)-induced production of pro-inflammatory cytokines were investigated in male Sprague-Dawley rats. For the first time, we found that oral administration of gentianine (10-100(More)
SKI306X was previously reported to have good anti-inflammatory and analgesic efficacy in various studies. To determine its mode of action, an investigation was carried out for some representative mediators. Arachidonic acid metabolism and its products are particularly important in inflammation and pain. The pro-inflammatory cytokines, especially(More)
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