Keumyoung Seo

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Selective filtration of gas, water, and liquid or gaseous oil is essential to prevent possible environmental pollution and machine/facility malfunction in oil-based industries. Novel materials and structures able to selectively and efficiently filter liquid and vapor in various types of solutions are therefore in continuous demand. Here, we investigate(More)
Tunable-white-light-emitting materials are developed by combining two single-crystal oxide nanowire materials-ZnO and SnO(2)-having different light emissions. The tuning of white-light emission from cool white to warm white is achieved for the first time by adjusting the growth sequence and growth time of the ZnO and SnO(2) nanowires. Combined ZnO:SnO(2)(More)
The controllability and stability of nanowire transistor characteristics are essential for the development of low-noise and fast-switching nano-electronic devices. In this study, the positive shift of threshold voltage and the improvement of interface quality on In2O3 nanowire transistors were simultaneously achieved by using octadecylphosphonic acid(More)
Graphene has been used as an electrode and channel material in electronic devices because of its superior physical properties. Recently, electronic devices have changed from a planar to a complicated three-dimensional (3D) geometry to overcome the limitations of planar devices. The evolution of electronic devices requires that graphene be adaptable to a 3D(More)
The change in the atomic nitrogen concentration on a semiconducting nanowire's surface and the consequent changes in the electrical characteristics of a nanowire transistor were investigated by exposing In(2)O(3) nanowires to nitrogen (N(2)) plasma. After plasma was applied at N(2) flow rates of 20, 40, and 70 sccm with a fixed source power of 50 W, the(More)
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