Keturah A. Odoi

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Over 300 amino acids are found in proteins in nature, yet typically only 20 are genetically encoded. Reassigning stop codons and use of quadruplet codons emerged as the main avenues for genetically encoding non-canonical amino acids (NCAAs). Canonical aminoacyl-tRNAs with near-cognate anticodons also read these codons to some extent. This background(More)
Systematic studies of nonsense and sense suppression of the original and three derivative Methanosarcina mazei PylRS-tRNA(Pyl) pairs and cross recognition between nonsense codons and various tRNA(Pyl) anticodons in the Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) cell strain are reported. tRNA(CUA)(Pyl) is orthogonal in E. coli and able to induce strong amber suppression(More)
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