Ketki Sawant

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Migrating cells need to overcome physical constraints from the local microenvironment to navigate their way through tissues. Cells that move collectively have the additional challenge of negotiating complex environments in vivo while maintaining cohesion of the group as a whole. The mechanisms by which collectives maintain a migratory morphology while(More)
BACKGROUND Cell motility is essential for embryonic development and physiological processes such as the immune response, but also contributes to pathological conditions such as tumor progression and inflammation. However, our understanding of the mechanisms underlying migratory processes is incomplete. Drosophila border cells provide a powerful genetic(More)
The guinea pig model of low-dose pulmonary tuberculosis has been used to study the pathogenesis of infection as well as the mechanisms of bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine-induced resistance. We investigated the function of lung cells from naive and BCG-vaccinated guinea pigs after enzymatic digestion of lung tissue with collagenase and DNase I. The(More)
Donepezil, a cholinesterase inhibitor with good central nervous system penetration, has been crystallized as a tertiary amine salt with a disordered oxalate anion to give the title compound, (R,S)-1-benzyl-4-[(5,6-dimethoxy-1-oxoindan-2-yl)methyl]piperidinium hydrogen oxalate trihydrate, C24H30NO3+.C2HO4-.3H2O. The indanone and piperidine ring planes are(More)
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