Ketki Kulkarni

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In this paper, we present an iterative scheme integrating simulation with an optimization model, for solving complex problems, viz., job shop scheduling. The classical job shop scheduling problem which is NP-Hard, has often been modelled as Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP) model and solved using exact algorithms (for example, branch-and-bound and(More)
Facial expression recognition, due to its wide research areas become active research topic. This paper presents comparative analysis of automatic Facial Expression Recognition by compensating effect of age on the recognition process by Weighted Least Square filtering. System uses Gabor filter and Log Gabor filter to extract facial features. The SVM(More)
A Make-to-Order (MTO) set-up is one in which production starts only on receiving confirmed orders, and there is no inventory. An enterprise is a group of production sites that may be geographically separated. This paper considers enterprises that operate on the MTO principles. Upon receiving orders for products, the orders are assigned to the different(More)
Social networks are used by cities primarily for announcing local-area events, but also for increasing engagement of citizens in votes and elections. Given the current plethora of heterogeneous social networks, city administrators can benefit from social networks to promote initiatives, which are important to a current smart city as well use them to(More)
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