Ketan J. Sarvakar

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Wireless sensor networking is an emerging technology that has a wide range of potential applications. In this paper an efficient hybrid MAC layer protocol has been proposed, utilized ZigBee MAC (EZ-MAC), for sensor networks. Sensor networks have to manage variety of traffics such as real-time traffics and sensor traffics. Since most of real-time traffics(More)
This paper focuses on the transmission of real-time fax in IP networks. It’s been some time now that expressions like “Voice over IP”, “Fax over IP” and the likes are heard extensively in the telecommunications industry. The idea is utilizing data networks to deliver telecommunications services which are presently(More)
Association rule discovery has emerged as an important problem in knowledge discovery and data mining. The association mining task consists of identifying the frequent item sets, and then forming conditional implication rules among them. Efficient algorithms to discover frequent patterns are crucial in data mining research. Finding frequent item sets is(More)
Cluster analysis is one of the primary data analysis methods and k-means is one of the most well known popular clustering algorithms. The k-means algorithm is one of the frequently used clustering method in data mining, due to its performance in clustering massive data sets. The final clustering result of the k-means clustering algorithm greatly depends(More)
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