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Isolation of huge quantities of primary cells from whole organs like the heart becomes increasingly important, especially for the emerging research field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. This study deals with the isolation of pig cardiomyocytes, in contrast to the standard mouse or rat models, because we aimed to draw attention to the(More)
The improvement of the cytocompatibility of medical implants is a major goal in biomaterials research. During the last years many researchers worked on the fascinating approach to seed the respective cell types on various artificial substrates before implantation. For instance, cell-seeded implants are supposed to be better candidates for transplantable(More)
One class of oligonucleotides with a high potential for use in medical applications is short nucleic acids, widely known as aptamers. Although several aptamers are already being used clinically, there are very few studies dealing with the impact aptamers have on the hemostatic system. In this study, we have performed a comprehensive evaluation of the(More)
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