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The quality of software engineering projects often suffers due to the large gap between the way stakeholders present their requirements and the way analysts capture and express those requirements. With this problem in mind the new method for business rules driven IS requirements specification has been developed. In this paper the architecture of the(More)
Business rules approach is a modern methodology that could help to improve both qualitative and quantitative properties of traditional Information Systems (IS). In this paper the basics of this approach are discussed and the best known methods of classifying and modelling business rules are analysed. The main aspects of the creation of business rules(More)
In the paper Output driven Information systems (IS) requirements specification method (ODRES) is overviewed emphasizing the problems of recording certain requirements. It is suggested that the method can be extended with business rules recording capabilities. Business rules-based requirements specification method is used to extend ODRES by incorporating(More)
Approaches for the analysis and specification of business vocabularies and rules are very relevant topics in both Business Process Management and Information Systems Development disciplines. However, in common practice of Information Systems Development, the Business modeling activities still are of mostly empiric nature. In this paper, basic aspects of the(More)
Inclusion of business vocabularies (BVs), also referred to as glossaries, into information systems development (ISD) activities is a growing trend, yet this process is often lacking objective feedback and consolidated opinion from the industry and experts. In an effort to fill this gap, the two-stage research study with people working in the fields of(More)