Keshuang Tang

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The objective of this study is to empirically analyze and model the stop-go decision behavior of drivers at rural high-speed intersections in China, where a flashing green signal of 3s followed by a yellow signal of 3s is commonly applied to end a green phase. 1, 186 high-resolution vehicle trajectories were collected at four typical high-speed intersection(More)
In China, a flashing green (FG) indication of 3 s followed by a yellow (Y) indication of 3 s is commonly applied to end the green phase at signalized intersections. Stop-line crossing behavior of drivers during such a phase transition period significantly influences safety performance of signalized intersections. The objective of this study is thus to(More)
Keywords: Semi-supervised learning technique Probe vehicle trajectory Mixed corridor Urban expressway a b s t r a c t This paper proposes three enhanced semi-supervised clustering algorithms, namely the Constrained-K-Means (CKM), the Seeded-K-Means (SKM), and the Semi-Supervised Fuzzy c-Means (SFCM), to identify probe vehicle trajectories in the mixed(More)
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