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The High Energy and Nuclear Physics Data Access Grand Challenge project has developed an optimizing storage access software system that was prototyped at RHIC. It is currently undergoing integration with the STAR experiment in preparation for data taking that starts in mid-2000. The behavior and lessons learned in the RHIC Mock Data Challenge exercises are(More)
1 —Focusing on multi-machine distributed computing security problems in cloud computing, the paper has proposed a grid distributed parallel authentication model based on trusted computing, which can realize simultaneous verification of grid authentication and grid behavior on upper layer of SSL and TLS protocols. Adaptive grid authentication method is(More)
Advancements in the application of underground pipeline information have led to the increased complexity in the design and implementation of the information management system. With the underground pipelines data being managed by many different government agencies, it becomes increasing more difficult to ensure their integrity, accuracy and timeliness. In(More)
This paper proposes the design and implementation of image compression comparator (ICC) in a digital image processing simulation system (DIPSS) based on components in detail. The ICC is designed as a component in the form of Java Beans, which improves the developing efficiency, reuses software, and make the system maintainable and expanding. In this paper,(More)