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Optimizing bitmap indices with efficient compression
We present a new compression scheme called Word-Aligned Hybrid (WAH) code that makes compressed bitmap indices efficient even for high-cardinality attributes. Expand
Compressing bitmap indexes for faster search operations
We study the effects of compression on bitmap indexes. The main operations on the bitmaps during query processing are bitwise logical operations. Using the general purpose compression schemes theExpand
Hello ADIOS: the challenges and lessons of developing leadership class I/O frameworks
We describe the startling observations we have made in the last half decade of I/O research and development and elaborate the lessons we have learned along this journey. Expand
Optimizing two-pass connected-component labeling algorithms
We present two optimization strategies to improve connected-component labeling algorithms. Expand
FastBit: An Efficient Indexing Technology For Accelerating Data-Intensive Science
FastBit is a software tool for searching large read-only data sets. Expand
On the performance of bitmap indices for high cardinality attributes
In this paper, we systematically analyze the two most efficient bitmap compression techniques, the Byte-aligned Bitmap Code (BBC) and the Word-Aligned Hybrid (WAH) code. Expand
FastBit: interactively searching massive data
As scientific instruments and computer simulations produce more and more data, the task of locating the essential information to gain insight becomes increasingly difficult. FastBit is an efficientExpand
An efficient compression scheme for bitmap indices
The authors wish to express our sincere gratitude to Professor Ding-Zhu Du for his helpful suggestion in simplifying the analyses of the time complexity of logical operations, and to Dr. Doron Rotem and Kurt Stockinger for their help in reviewing the drafts of this paper. Expand
Bitmap Indices for Data Warehouses
We introduce anefficient bitmap compression algorithm and examine the space and time complexity of the compressed bitmap index on large data sets. Expand
Notes on design and implementation of compressed bit vectors
We study how to improve the efficiencies of these indexing schemes by proposing new compression schemes for the bitmaps by reducing compression effectiveness and improving operation speed. Expand