Keshav Sahay

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The fluid-induced changes in the intracranial pressure which have important clinical implications are believed to be largely determined by the elastomechanical properties of the brain tissues. To define and evaluate the elastomechanical characteristics of the brain tissues a nonlinear hyperelastic hollow spherical shell has been employed to model the(More)
This study aims at examining the morphological changes in the cartilage structure of the bovine knee joint when the amputated joints are subjected to (a) a moderate load of 150 kg and (b) a high load of 300 kg and fitted on a knee joint articulating machine at 45 cycles/min for 2 h. The scanning-microscopic study of the surface structure of the experimental(More)
The pressure-volume relationship (PVR) in the intracranial cerebrospinal fluid space has been a matter of investigation for quite sometime. The quantitative considerations of the PVR are believed to have important clinical implications, and attempts have been made to study the pressure-volume characteristics associated with a variety of disease states.(More)
Complications of epidural pressure (EDP) monitoring are much less severe than those of ventricular fluid pressure (VFP) monitoring. Hence, an insight into the relationship between the epidural and the ventricular pressures is of clinical importance. The pressure volume response as obtained during infusion tests performed on dogs can be categorized into two(More)
Varieties of Biomedical Equipment (BME) are now used for quick diagnosis, flawless surgery and therapeutics etc. Use of a malfunctioning BME could result in faulty diagnosis and wrong treatment and can lead to damaging or even devastating aftermath. Modern Biomedical Equipments inevitably employ highly sophisticated technology and use complex systems and(More)
Clinical data obtained about intracranial pressure volume experiments abound in the literature. However, what is lacking is a proper interpretation of the data. A nonlinear hyperelastic model is proposed in this paper which is more realistic and simulates successfully the various states and stages of infantile hydrocephalus which have hitherto been(More)
Freshly excised bovine knee joints were subjected to oscillation under constant load on a specially designed knee joint articulating machine with the joints subjected to moderate and high loadings of 1471.5 and 2943 N respectively. Instantaneous and equilibrium shear moduli of the articular cartilage obtained from the experimental knee joints were measured(More)
In-service diesel engines are a significant source of particulate matter (PM) emissions, and they have been subjected to increasingly strict emissions standards. Consequently, the wide-scale use of some type of particulate filter is expected. This study evaluated the effect of an Engelhard catalyzed soot filter (CSF) and a Rypos electrically heated soot(More)