Keshab Nath

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Now a day's people can hardly conceive of life without internet. The World Wide Web (WWW) as the largest global information media through which user can share, read, and writes data through computers connected with internet. WWW has had much progress since its advent. This paper provides a brief idea of the evolution of the web from web1.0 to web3.0. Web1.0(More)
Internet technology is too much popular now a day and due to the availability of high performance computer and network technology at low cost change the view of using computer and internet. Grid computing is conceptually not like electric grids. In electric grid we can just link to the outlets of an infrastructure and we don’t need to know from where and(More)
Traditional clustering techniques are limited in detecting clusters of overlapping in nature. To identify overlapping clusters in a real data is a challenging task in data mining. A number of clustering methods proposed so far to address the issue. They have their own merits and limitations in producing quality outcomes. Soft computing is relatively a new(More)
Segmentation of line, word and character are one of the critical phases of optical character recognition (OCR). Due to the imperfection in segmentation, most of the recognition system produce poor recognition rate. In this paper we are discussing some novel approach for line, word and character segmentation of printed Manipuri document. Few works has been(More)
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