Kerstin von Roden

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Actin filament organization and stability in the sarcomeres of muscle cells are critical for force generation. Here we identify and functionally characterize a Caenorhabditis elegans drebrin-like protein DBN-1 as a novel constituent of the muscle contraction machinery. In vitro, DBN-1 exhibits actin filament binding and bundling activity. In vivo, DBN-1 is(More)
Complex dielectric spectra of ethylene glycol and of various derivatives as well as of mixtures of water with an ethylene glycol oligomer and with a poly(ethylene glycol) dimethyl ether oligomer have been measured. The spectra can be well represented by a Cole-Cole [Cole and Cole, J. Chem. Phys. 9, 341 (1941)] spectral function. The extrapolated low(More)
Microtubule structure and functions have been widely studied in vitro and in cells. Research has shown that cysteines on tubulin play a crucial role in the polymerization of microtubules. Here, we show that blocking sulfhydryl groups of cysteines in taxol-stabilized polymerized microtubules with a commonly used chemical crosslinker prevents temporal(More)
At temperatures between 0 and 60 °C densities, shear viscosities and dielectric spectra have been measured for isomers 1-pentanol, 2-pentanol, 3-pentanol, isopentylalcohol, and tert-pentanol, as well as for mixtures of these alcohols. The density and shear viscosity data are discussed in terms of deviations from ideal mixing behavior. The dielectric spectra(More)
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