Kerstin Wagner-Amos

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Diffusive and perfusive gas conductances of the shell and chorioallantois of avian eggs are not homogeneous, leading to disequilibrium between the air cell gas and chorioallantoic venous blood. This study measured the embryonic ability to maintain oxygen consumption rate and growth under experimentally enhanced inhomogeneity of diffusive conductance,(More)
The vascularisation of the chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) of avian embryos is influenced by environmental oxygen partial pressure (P(O(2))) on a global level: incubation at high P(O(2)) reduces the density of pre- and post-capillary vessels of the CAM and decelerates the thinning of the blood-gas barrier, and vice versa. This study investigates the effects(More)
We measured P(O2) under the shell of avian eggs indirectly, by sealing 0.05 mL glass tubes to the shell, sealing them with mercury and using an oxygen microelectrode to measure the contained gas that equilibrates with the gas in the shell membranes. This technique requires a smaller area of contact with the shell and a shorter equilibration period than(More)
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