Kerstin Wöltje

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SIGNIFICANCE Several redox compounds, including respiratory burst oxidase homologs (Rboh) and iron chelate reductases have been identified in animal and plant plasma membrane (PM). Studies using molecular biological, biochemical, and proteomic approaches suggest that PM redox systems of plants are involved in signal transduction, nutrient uptake, transport,(More)
The transcriptional repressors Hey1 and Hey2 are primary target genes of Notch signaling in the cardiovascular system and induction of Hey gene expression is often interpreted as activation of Notch signaling. Here we report that treatment of primary human endothelial cells with serum or fresh growth medium led to a strong wave of Hey1 and Hey2(More)
Wound repair is a quiescent mechanism to restore barriers in multicellular organisms upon injury. In chronic wounds, however, this program prematurely stalls. It is known that patterns of extracellular signals within the wound fluid are crucial to healing. Extracellular pH (pHe) is precisely regulated and potentially important in signaling within wounds due(More)
Studies in experimental animals and humans have shown that Amphotericin B (AmB) persists in urine for days to weeks after a single IV dose in levels that should inhibit candidal organisms and thereby obviate the need for frequent dosing. Including data from four previously described patients, we have now treated a total of 11 patients (12 episodes) with(More)
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