Kerstin Treiber

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Although the horizontal septum (HS) has been identified as playing a role in fish biomechanics and in path finding of cells during zebrafish development, its morphology is poorly known. However, it is generally regarded as an evolutionarily conserved structure. To test this idea, we applied a novel combination of techniques to analyse the HS of 35 species(More)
Axial undulations in fishes are powered by a series of three-dimensionally folded myomeres separated by sheets of connective tissue, the myosepta. Myosepta have been hypothesized to function as transmitters of muscular forces to axial structures during swimming, but the difficulty of studying these delicate complex structures has precluded a more complete(More)
Locomotor specialists, such as accelerators and cruisers, have clearly differing body designs. For physical reasons these designs are mutually exclusive, i.e. cruisers necessarily have poor accelerating capabilities and vice versa. For the first time, we examine whether differences in the anatomy of the musculo-tendinous system of the trunk are present in(More)
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