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Structure–function analysis of the cysteine string protein in Drosophila: cysteine string, linker and C terminus
SUMMARY Cysteine string proteins (CSPs) are conserved secretory vesicle proteins involved in regulating neurotransmitter and peptide release. While the function of the J-domain has been studied inExpand
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Selection of high-producing CHO cells using NPT selection marker with reduced enzyme activity.
We developed an expression system that aimed to increase the proportion of high producers in a transfected cell population in order to reduce the effort in clone screening. The principle is based onExpand
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Nouveaux genes de la neomycine phosphotransferase et procede pour selectionner des cellules recombinantes hautement productives
L'invention concerne des genes modifies de la neomycine phosphotransferase et leur utilisation dans un procede de selection de cellules recombinantes hautement productives. La presente inventionExpand
Éléments régulateurs d'acide nucléique
L'invention concerne des sequences d'ADN, en particulier des elements augmentant la transcription et respectivement, l'expression (elements TE) ainsi que leur mise en œuvre dans un vecteurExpand
HTS-Based Development of High-Producing CHO Cell Lines
A major problem when establishing high-producing cell lines is the variability of integration sites. Integration of plasmid DNA into the genome of host cells occurs at random. As a consequence,Expand