Kerstin Rohkohl

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In patients with osteoarthritis of the knees, quadriceps muscle dysfunction is an early and common clinical feature and an important determinant of disability. In the current study, changes in quadriceps muscle strength and voluntary quadriceps muscle activation after high tibial osteotomies for primary osteoarthritis of the knee in 19 patients were(More)
A proprioceptive deficit is an important determinant of disability in various shoulder disorders, such as instability and osteoarthrosis. In 15 patients with impingement syndrome stage II (Neer 1983), who were treated by arthroscopic subacromial decompression, we measured movement sense by determining threshold levels for the perception of motion of the(More)
Fragestellung: In dieser Arbeit ¶erfolgte eine dezidierte Untersuchung von Therapieversagern und ihrer Revision nach subakromialer arthroskopischer Dekompression. Methode: In der vorliegenden Studie wurden 70 Patienten mit primärem subakromialem Impingementsyndrom Stadium II nach Neer, bei denen eine arthroskopische subakromiale Dekompression durchgeführt(More)
PROBLEM In the present study, we evaluated the failure and revisions rates after arthroscopic subacromial decompression (SAD). METHOD We examined 83 patients who were treated with arthroscopic subacromial decompression for primary shoulder impingement (stage II and stage III according to Neer) at an average follow-up time of 30 months. Hereby, special(More)
OBJECTIVE Although there are several studies on the development of periarticular calcifications after different operation procedures of the joints, such calcifications have only seldomly been described in connection with operations in the subacromial space. Therefore, the present study was aimed at investigating the incidence of periarticular calcifications(More)
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