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Mission Impossible? Defining Nongovernmental Organizations
This paper provides a synopsis of current interpretations of the term “nongovernmental organization” (NGO). Although NGOs have become recognized actors in international affairs, particularly over theExpand
The OECD PISA Study as a Soft Power in Education? Lessons from Switzerland and the US.
Although originally created for economic purposes, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) has increasingly gained weight in education policy in recent years and is nowExpand
Towards an education approach à la finlandaise? French education policy after PISA
In this article, we address whether international student comparisons have changed the dynamics of French secondary education policy. We focus on the increasingly significant impact of theExpand
New arenas of education governance : the impact of international organizations and markets on educational policy making
INTRODUCTION New Arenas of Education Governance: The Impact of International Organizations and Markets on Education Policy Making K.Leuze, K.Martens & A.Rusconi PART ONE: INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONSExpand
Governance by comparison: How ratings & rankings impact national policy-making in education
How can international comparisons have an impact on one country while others are not affected at all? This paper examines the power of ratings & rakings (R&R) using the example of the OECD's PISAExpand
Small country, big business? New Zealand as education exporter
This paper discusses New Zealand’s role in the global market for tertiary education. The internationalisation and liberalisation of education markets is progressing rapidly in today’s globalisingExpand
Comparing governance of international organisations: The EU, the OECD and educational policy
How do international organisations (IOs) influence domestic policymaking? In the field of educational policy, IOs increasingly play an important role in shaping national debates and policies.Expand
Examining the (Non-)Status of NGOs in International Law
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are increasingly influential players on the international scene. Since the end of the Cold War, NGOs have enjoyed increasingly easy access to, and betterExpand