Kerstin Larsson

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Reactive astrocytes are thought to protect the penumbra during brain ischemia, but direct evidence has been lacking due to the absence of suitable experimental models. Previously, we generated mice deficient in two intermediate filament (IF) proteins, glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) and vimentin, whose upregulation is the hallmark of reactive(More)
A male rat put in an open-field arena in which it is free to spend time in the vicinity of--but not in contact with--an estrous female, or in the vicinity of a male, usually spends more time with the female than with the male or elsewhere. Tentatively, the percentage of time spent in the vicinity of the female in this paradigm may be regarded as a measure(More)
Two cerebellar mutants, staggerer and reeler, and their congenic nonmutants were used in this experiment. Experimental animals were subjected to intense rotational stimulation on a tilted plane during the first 3 weeks of life, while controls were left nonstimulated. The capacity for mating, as evidenced by vaginal plugs or the occurrence of pregnancy, was(More)
Pentachlorophenol has earlier been shown to be metabolized in mammals to tetrachloro-p-hydroquinone. The metabolite possesses pronounced inhibitory activity on bacterial β-glucuronidase but not on β-glucuronidase from liver. Indirect evidence for the occurrence of both pentachlorophenol and tetrachloro-p-hydroquinone as conjugates with glucuronic acid in(More)
Olfactory bulbectomy of sexually inexperienced male rats prevented the occurrence of sexual behavior in most of the operated animals. This effect was observed in rats bulbectomized before puberty as well as after puberty. Bulbectomized rats which had heterosexual experience prior to the operation did not deviate from intact rats. Males living in cohabition(More)
Three genes for the opioid receptors ( micro, delta and kappa) and a gene coding for a related receptor (ORL1) have been cloned but pharmacological studies suggest that further subtypes exist that remain poorly understood. To determine if there are other classically defined opioid binding sites we have carried out homogenate binding and section(More)
Recombinant molecules similar to the smallest active plasma-derived factor VIII molecule, a complex of an 80-kDa and a 90-kDa polypeptide chain lacking the B domain, have been produced using various factor VIII cDNA constructs in order to obtain primary translation products which were efficiently processed into the 80+90-kDa complex. Three types of(More)
All-trans retinoic acid deficiency resulting from ethanol’s interference with the synthesis of all-trans retinoic acid from retinol was recently suggested to cause the malformations of the fetal alcohol syndrome. Phenytoin, carbamazepine and valproate, might be teratogenic because they lower the concentration of all-trans retinoic acid in serum, by inducing(More)